Pair of Brass Planters Embossed with Floral Motifs. Diameter 30 cm x Ht 15 cm | Diameter 19 cm x Ht 10 cm

Pair of Brass planters embossed with exquisite floral motifs and round handles, handcrafted by skilled artisans from the North of India. 

Crafted with a beautiful, rounded sculptural form with hand embossed floral motifs, twin handles and a ribbed petal design which can be seen inside and outside of the planter, lending the pot, its beauty and grace.

Truly a collectors item and a fine example of a form typical of the mid century. 


Large planter : Diameter 25 xm x Height 16 cm. Weight 1.4 kilograms 

Small planter: Diameter 19 cm x Height 10 cm. Weight: 850 grams 

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