Exquisite Brass Rose Water Sprinkler With Floral Engravings. Height 26 cm

This is an exquisite vintage rosewater sprinkler inspired by Mughal architecture and crafted by artisans from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh is engraved with delicate floral motifs showing off the skill of the artisan.

The sprinkler with an octaganol shape and smooth lines is filled with the rose water by opening the bottom portion of the octagonal shaped body which has tiny holes at the tip for sprinkling the rosewater with the shake of the hand. 

Traditionally, such sprinklers were and are still used to spray perfumed or scented water on guests during special occasions in India especially on weddings and at times even during prayer meetings where it is filled with pure gangajal from the himalayas and sprinkled on the worshippers as a form of blessing.

Measures: Weight: 300 Grams and is 26 cm tall. 

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