Vintage Camphor Arti | Lamp For 5 Wicks Hand Crafted In Brass - Height 22cm x Dia 18 cm

From our Vintage Collection - Magnificent Aarti or Prayer lamp with 5 arms for lighting camphor handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans from South India in excellent quality brass with 5 circular oil diyas resting on the 5 arms with the mythical yali under each of the 4 arms resting on a large circular base .

This exquisite aarti is for burning camphor and other types of incense as part of the Hindu prayer (puja) ritual. At the end of Aarti, the lighting of a ghee lamp in front of the deity whilst praying, the devotee lights the camphor burner as a further offering to God. The dissipation of the burning scent into the air symbolises the union of the devotee with God.

Measures: Height 22 cm | Each of the 4 arms measure 10 cm in height with the central lamp measuring 13 cm in height. 

The round base of the lamp measures 18 cm 

Weight: 1.40 kilograms 

Note: The circular base can be dismantled for ease of cleaning. 

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