Magnificent Octaganol Brass Chowki | Stool With Mythical Hamsa Bird. Dia 24 cm x Ht 15 cm

This is a majestic brass Chowki from the South of india delicately engraved with traditional Indian floral motifs supported on 3 legs in the shape and form of beautifully crafted mythical Hamsa bird - A spiritual symbol representing the perfect balance in life and the word is derived from the exhalation of the Sanskrit sound 'ham' and the inhalation of 'sa'.

Sculpted on the top of the lamp, the Hamsa signifies beauty and grace to this majestic 

Found in royal households and affluent Hindu homes, such chowkis were used as a base for keeping statues of Gods at the entrance of the home and may be used for planters, statues or just as an art deco. 

Measures:  24 x 24 cm Octa shaped with a height of 15 cm.

Weight of Chowki : 5.5 kilograms 

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