Vintage Brass Temple Frames or Prabhavalis With The Mythical Yali & Ganesha - 40 cm x 26 cm

This is a beautiful wall hanging with a pair of vintage brass Prabhavalis or temple frames mounted inside a gold finish frame on deep green raw silk and is inspired by the architecture of renowned temples found in South India. 

Crafted with the mythical yali , the 5 headed Naag, the frame is made even more divine by the brass figure of the most popular and famous Indian God, Lord Ganesha known as  the God of Wisdom, knowledge and prosperity is placed inside the temple frame for worship by his followers and worshippers. 

Weighing 950 Grams, the prabhavali is the perfect art deco for your wall.

Measures: Gold Frame Length 40 cm x 26  cm wide 

Each Prabhavali measures 12 inches tall and 7 cm wide. 

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