Traditional Brass Vilakku - Divine Brass Oil Lamp Of Lakshmi - Goddess Of Wealth. Height 30 cm x Length 24 cm x Width 20 cm

Vintage 30 cm tall hand crafted "Lakshmi Vilakku" - A divine brass oil lamp with exquisite engraving and sculpture of Goddess Lakshmi or Devi Kamakshi sitting atop a fully blossomed lotus lamp flanked by elephants. 

The traditional lamp is protected further by the presence of the mythical Markara on top seen in most temples of south India. 

One can find such Vilakkus kept by families for generations and preserved as a precious ornament. It is said that some families still keep the Kamatchi Lamp burning from the time it was lit by their ancestors. 

Before lighting, the lamp is traditionally decorated with flowers and other sacred items. The "Deepam"or the light of the lamp denotes and illuminates knowledge and eradicates the darkness and the ignorance in us. 

Measures: Height 30 cm  X length 24 cm x Width 20 cm 

Weight: 3.55 kilograms

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