Vintage Brass Oil Lamp With 20 Diyas & Lord Ganesh Sculpture - Length 80 cm

This exqusite oil and wick hanging brass lamp with 2 levels and 20 teardrop shaped diyas is handcrafted by artisans from the South of India with the idol of Ganesha - God of wisdom and prosperity and is suspended on a thick brass chain and finished with a dark patina. 

These oil Lamps hold an important place as per hindu mythology and are still used in temples and at homes all across the world to bring in prosperity and peace when lit and the Idol of Ganesha is traditionally considered auspicious for new beginnings.  


Total Length including chain and lamps : 80 cm with a diameter of 17 cm of the bottom level.  

Each level has 10 oil and wick lamps. 

Length of only the chain : 62 cm 

Weight : 2.25 kgs 

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