Exquisite Vintage Copper Paan Daan With Floral Engravings & 6 Containers - Dia 28 cm x Height 12 cm

Inspired by Mughal architecture, this stunning round copper Paan Daan with 6 storage containers is a traditional box for storing beetle leaves and condiments, handcrafted by artisans of North India and represents the glory of the Mughal era with its mid century design. 
Handcrafted in excellent quality copper with beautiful floral motifs engraved on the entire box and storage containers showing off the intricate craftsmanship of the skilled artisans, this is a Collectors item and often passed on from one generation to the next.

The paan daan is accompanied by 2 small brass spoons with a removable round tray cover inside and 6 storage cylindrical and handi shape containers for condiments. The heavy lid is fitted with a beautifully engraved latch and curved handle.

The containers are for storing condiments that go into making of the paan like cardomom, sukhi or meethi supari , cardamom, kathaa, cloves and sometimes Tambakku with the beetle nut leaves.

Such traditional Paan Daans can still be found in affluent Indian households as paan is eaten through out the day mostly by the ladies / head of the family and also offered to welcome guests and part of the Indian hospitality. 

Diameter 28 cm x Height without handle is 12 cm. 

Diamter of the removal tray inside the box: 24 cm | Length of the spoon: 9 cm each

The 6 storage containers measure:

2 cylindrical containers with lids : Height 9 cm x Dia 8 cm each.

1 cylindrical container with lid:  Ht 8 cm x Dia 6 cm 

2 Handi or pot shaped containers on round copper rings : Ht 6 cm x circumference 30 cm each without the ring.

Weight: 5 Kilograms

Cleaning instructions: To maintain the vintage finish of this item, please use any copper cleaning liquid. Wipe with a dry soft cloth.

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