Brass Figure Of Goddess Parvati On Vibrant Raw Silk In Vintage Wooden Frame - Frame 31 cm x 26 cm

Vintage brass figure of Goddess Parvati in an exquisite standing posture hand crafted by skilled artisans and mounted on vibrant pink raw silk in a turquoise blue with a distressed gold finish handmade mango wood frame.

A picture of elegance and grace Parvati also known as Gauri and is the wife of Lord Shiva and the Hindu goddess of fertility, love and devotion as well as of divine strength and power. Along with Lakshmi - goddess of wealth and prosperity and Saraswati - goddess of knowledge and learning, she forms the trinity of Hindu goddesses

Measures: Frame size Height 31cm x  Width 26 cm 

Size of brass idol: 12 cm

Weight of frame with brass idol: 850 Grams 

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