Vintage Brass Bust Of Parvati - Indian Goddess of Fertility, Love & Devotion. H 27 cm x W 19 cm x D 9 cm

Vintage brass bust of Indian Goddess Parvati in an exquisite posture hand crafted in excellent quality brass by skilled artisans from the South of India and finished with dual tones of dark brown and bronze.

Wearing a conical shaped crown beautifully engraved and braids at the back with her chest exposed depicting her motherly bearing and hence also known as the Mother goddess, Parvati remains a picture of elegance and grace.

Parvati also worshipped as Gauri, is the wife of Lord Shiva and the Hindu goddess of fertility, love and devotion as well as of divine strength and power. She is the gentle and nurturing aspect of the Hindu goddess Shakti and one of the central deities of the Goddess-oriented Shakta sect.

Along with Lakshmi - goddess of wealth and prosperity and Saraswati - goddess of knowledge and learning, she forms the trinity of Hindu goddesses.

Height 27 cm x width 19 cm x depth 9 cm.

Weight: 3. 150 Kilograms

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