Magnificent Brass Temple Bell On A Chain With 8 Figures of Lord Ganesha & Majestic Elephants. Length 78 cm x Diameter 16 cm


In the heart of India, where traditions intertwine with craftsmanship, this magnificent brass temple bell resonates with spirituality and artistry, a symbol of devotion and wisdom, adorned with the benevolent presence of Lord Ganesh - the God of wisdom and learning.

Crafted meticulously by skilled artisans, this sacred artifact with 8 figures of Lord Ganesha and Majestic elephants engraved on its surface, is more than just a decorative piece .. It is a tangible representation of faith and tradition.

The Significance of Brass Bells in Hindu Ceremonies: In Hindu rituals, the chiming of bells marks the commencement of puja (prayer ceremonies), as it is believed to be the first sound of creation - the divine OM.

Moreover, it serves as a symbol of offerings to the Gods, not only invoking their presence and blessings but also serves as a protective shield, warding off evil forces and negative energies.

Length - 78 cm
Height of only the bell is 20 cm 
Diameter of bell - 16.5 cm 

Weight: 4.35 Kilograms

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