Traditional Brass Urli Handcrafted With 3 Mythical Yali Legs. Diameter 22 cm x Height 16 cm

Traditional brass Urli | Vessel supported by 3 handcrafted mythical Yalis - sculpted as legs for the Urli.

The Urli has always been a traditional cookware extensively used in South India and commonly made of clay, copper and bronze. Derived from the Tamil word "Urulai" [உருளை] which means a round bowl, Urlis were used in home for cooking and in Ayurvedha to make medicines.

The Mythical Yali also known as Vyala or Vidala is a mythological creature seen in most Hindu temples sculpted onto the pillars. It may be portrayed as part lion, part elephant and part horse believed to be more powerful than the lion or the elephant

Now brass Urlis are used as decorative bowls to float flowers and candles traditionally at the entrance of your home or work place as a daily ritual, during festivals and special occasions and are considered highly auspicious.

The Urli measures:

Diameter 22 cm x Height 16 cm

Weight: 3.15 kilograms

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