Vintage Brass Aarti | Camphor Burner Handcrafted With 7 Arms & Diyas , Ht 18 cm x Dia 21cm

From our Vintage Collection - Magnificent traditional Aarti or Prayer lamp with 7 arms handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans from South India in excellent quality brass with 7 circular oil diyas resting on a large circular base .

This exquisite aarti is for burning camphor or Kapoor as is traditionally called and is an important part of the Hindu prayer (puja) ritual.

At the end of prayers and lighting of a ghee lamp in front of the deity, the devotee lights the camphor burner as a further offering to God.
The dissipation of the burning scent into the air symbolises the union of the devotee with God.

The lamp measures:

Height 18 cm with Each of the 7 arms measuring 8 cm in length.

The diameter of the round base of the lamp measures 21 cm

Weight: 1.70 kilograms

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