Vintage TradItional Handcrafted Brass Rail Adukku Set Of 9 Vessels - Height 19 cm x Diameter 17 cm

Traditional brass rail adukku also known as the rail pathram set of 9 vessels handcrafted by artisans from Kerala, South India . 

Such sets of vessels which all fit into one large vessel with a handle were traditionally used in the 1950's for long travel by train or other means of transport by families travelling from one state or village to another.

This set of 9 vessels include serving containers, tumblers, water vessel and make a full set required for a small family. 

The set contains the following vessels with their sizes: 

4 bowls measuring Diameter 16 cm x Ht 13 cm / 14.5 cm x 13 cm / 12 cm x 7 cm and 14.5 cm x 7 cm . 

1 Lota / pot for water : Diameter 13 cm x Ht 14 cm . 

3 brass tumblers measuring Diameter 8.5 cm x Ht 9 cm / 8.5 cm x 8 cm / 8 cm x 4 cm 

1 main cylindrical vessel with the handle measures: Diameter 17 cm x Height  19 cm. 

Total weight of all vessels : 4.50 kilograms 

Note: All 8 vessels fit snugly into the main container.


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