Heritage Majestic Brass Gange Maha Arti | Prayer Lamp With 85 Diyas - Ht 44 cm x L 34 cm x W 30 cm

From our Heritage Collection - Inspired by the famous Maha Gange Aarti ceremony of Varanasi, this is a magnificent Maha Arti | Prayer lamp with an exquisite peacock handle handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans from the South of India in excellent quality brass. 

With 85 oil diyas or lamps spread over 4 levels and a divine peacock perched on top, the lamp is protected by the 7 hooded Naag and a flying Garuda crafted in the front of the lamp providing it its beauty and grace.

Varanasi is a sacred and oldest city of the world located at the banks of the holy River Ganges where Gange aarti with brass lamps such as this one is performed daily in the evening by a group of priests at the Dashashwamedh ghat accompanied with a mantra chant in presence of a huge crowd.

All the priests who perform the aarti with large heavy brass lamps or maha aartis wear the dhoti and kurta while the preparation of the Gange aarti is made with a collection of five elevated planks, a oil lamp, an idol of the Goddess Ganga, flowers, incense sticks, a conch shell. 

Measures: Height 44 cm x Width 30 cm  

Weight: 4.75 kilograms 

Note: This magnificent Aarti can be dismantled and put back together easily. 



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