Divine Kalasha Shaped Vintage Brass Planter With 3 Peacock Handles, Ht 29 cm x Diameter 13 cm

Vintage brass Kalasha shaped planter hand engraved with floral motifs and adorned with 3 exquisite peacock handles, handcrafted by skilled artisans from the South of India.

The planter, perfectly balanced on a 3 oval shaped legs is crafted with a beautiful sculptural form with a taper and fine delicate engraving of floral motifs with the traditional Indian peacock handles lending the pot its beauty and grace.

 Considered a symbol of abundance and "source of life" in the Vedas and believed to contain Amrita - The elixir of life, The Purna-Kalasha is  viewed as a symbol of abundance, wisdom and immortality.

Truly a collectors item and a fine example of a form, typical of the mid century.

Height 29 cm with the peacocks x Diameter of 13 cm  at the mouth.
The circumference of the planter is 81 cm at the widest part. 

Each peacock measures 11 cm.
Weight: 4.7 kilograms

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