Magnificent Vintage Brass Vessel | Lota Handengraved With Foral Motifs - Ht 17 cm x Circumference 65 cm cm

This is an exquisite 17 cm tall Lota or vessel with a rich dark patina,  displaying a beautiful, sculptural form with fine and delicate floral engravings in perfect harmony with nature, handcrafted by artisans from the South of India. 

Brass Lotas or vessels have used in India since centuries for healthy living for storage and as vessels for water where water is tipped from the mouth of the vessel and also poured over the hands and feet to cleanse

This is a design typical of the eighteenth century, now used by urbanites as an art deco item or flower pot / vase and kept at a prominent place in the house with fresh flowers. 

Size: Height 17 cm x Diameter of mouth 13 cm with a circumference of 65 cm .

Weight:1.40 Kilograms

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