Vintage Brass Idli Steamer | Patra With 2 Inserts - Height 27 cm x Dia 23 cm

From our Vintage collection - This traditional Idli steamer or Patra as is popularly known and handcrafted in brass belonged to a one of the Chettiyar families from the south of India.

The steamer comprises of a large deep bowl for water with two inserts and a cover with a knob.  The top inserts has 4 circular idli moulds and 3 in the bottom insert having a diameter of 7.5 cm and 7 cm respectively which are stacked on top of each other and then covered allowing you to steam 7 idlis at a time. 

Idlis are steamed rice cakes and one of the most popular south Indian snacks commonly served for breakfast where the batter prepared a overnight and finished in the morning with an addition of aromatic herbs which is poured into the moulds and finally steamed over a stove to be consumed with freshly prepared sambhar and coconut chutney.

One can still find such steamers in most South Indian homes where the elder of the family would light a small charcoal stove and steam not only idlis but delicacies like rice or sweet potatoes and whatever else for the day.

The steamer measures:
Height with cover 27 cm x Diameter 23 cm 

Diameter of bottom insert is 20 cm with 3 circluar moulds of 7 cm each.

Diameter of top insert is 23 cm with 4 circular moulds of 7.5 cm each. 

Weight : 2.70 Kilograms

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