Traditional Brass 3 Branch Kerala Kavara Vilakku Oil Lamp. Length 37 cm x Height 25 cm

Traditional handcrafted Kavara Vilakku oil lamp from Kerala with three branches often used in temple sanctums and in the puja rooms. 

Oil lamps have a significant role in the Hindu religion and are lit using ghee or oil with  cotton wicks in the belief that the illumination from the lamp removes darkness and ignorance and in burning upwards the light reflects the attainment of knowledge.

The light from the flame also allows the worshipper to see their god more clearly as the lamp is usually lit alongside an image of the deity. Some also believe that the oil or ghee represents negative energy and the wick, the ego. In lighting the lamp, the ego and negative spirits are removed from the soul.

Length 37 cm x Height 25 cm . 
Each diya has a diameter of 11 cm. 
Weight 4.7 kilograms.

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