Vintage Brass Kerosene Stove - Height 24 cm x Diameter 21 cm

This classic vintage collectible is the iconic kerosene stove made and still used in households in rural India.

This vintage stove is made of brass, consists of a fuel tank at the base, above which is a rising tube and the burner assembly. The three legs on the sides are used to support the ring at the top of the burner on which the vessel is placed. 

As the story goes, the Primus stove, the first pressurized-burner kerosene (paraffin) stove, was developed in 1892 by Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist, a factory mechanic in Stockholm based on the design of the hand-held blowtorch.

The efficient Primus stove quickly earned a reputation as a reliable and durable stove in everyday use, and it performed especially well under adverse conditions used in various expeditions to Mount Everest including one of Tenzing and Edmund Hillary in 1953."

A collectors item.

Note: The stove is in working condition though the normal wear and tear is visible due to the vintage nature of this stove. 

Dimensions: Height 24 cm x Diameter 21 cm 

Weight: 1.25 Kilograms

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