Vintage Brass Traditional Thoondamani Vilakku | Hanging Oil Lamp From South India. Length 98 cm With Chain.

Traditional hanging oil lamp known as Thoodamani Vilakku with an exquisitely crafted chain with a floral design, is handcrafted from brass that is considered to be a sacred metal and traditionally used in most prayer accessories. 

Oil lamps have a significant role in the Hindu religion and single wick lamps, such as this, are always used for puja or prayers to worship the gods in most homes particularly in Tamil Nadu, south India. 

Each morning, these lamps are lit using cotton wicks soaked in ghee or oil in the belief that the illumination from the lamp removes darkness and ignorance and in burning upwards the light reflects the attainment of knowledge.

These diyas are large and can hold enough oil(usually ghee) to keep the wick burning for several hours.

Length with chain : 98 cm

The chain measures 67 cm Circumference of the oil pot : 48 cm 

Weight of the lamp with chain : 4.5 kilograms 

Care: After every puja or aarti,  remove the burnt oil and wick remains, wash it with water and it is ready for reuse. 

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