Pure Cotton Double Bedspread Block Printed With Black & White Floral Motifs - L 270 cm x 220 cm

This double black and white bedspread with Indian floral motifs is hand block printed by artisans in Rajasthan, India where the practice still continues to flourish using the traditional Kantha stitch.

The art of hand block printing from the the textile town of Sanganer is prevalent since  more than 200 years with the use of alizarin, indigo, and a range of vegetable colors. The beautiful colours comes from local plants which are soaked to extract the vibrant dye.

The hand dyed 100% cotton fabric is stitched by hand with a running stitch called Kantha, a style of embroidery from West Bengal and northern India especially Rajasthan.

Size of the King size bedspread: 270 cm x 220 cm  

Wash before using. May lose slight colour. Machine wash separately in cold water on gentle cycle using a non-chlorine bleach detergent. Tumble dry, low heat. Dry clean as an alternative.


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