Wooden Frame In Pastel Blue & Gold With Hindu Deity Krishna On Magenta Raw Silk- Ht 37 cm x W 32 cm

This exquisite wooden frame painted in colours of pastel blue with flecks of gold is handmade and crafted with the brass idol of Hindu deity Krishna playing the flute and is worshipped as the lord of compassion and considered to be one of the most popular of the hindu gods. 

Mounted on a vibrant magenta raw silk, the frame is handcrafted in mango wood and painted by artisans from Rajasthan renowned for their skill in wood craft . 


Height of the hand painted wooden frame is 37 cm x width 32 cm. 

The inner frame measures 23 cm x 18 cm | The brass idol is 14 cm tall .

Weight: 1.500 kilograms 

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