Vintage Chettinad Wooden Spoon Holder With Inspired By Temple Architecture - L 72 cm x W 11 cm

This is a rare vintage Chettinadu Spoon Holder more than 50 years old standing 72 cm tall and handcrafted from a single block of wood by artisans from the land of the Chettiars -  the most prosperous business community renowned for their love of gracious living, a rich heritage, their love for food and regal architecture. 

Accompanied by a pair of 35 cm tall wooden spoons with bowls made from dry coconut, this is a collectors item.

Inspired by the temple architecture of south India with a pagoda design, the holder is carved in local yet hardy wood with a symmetrical geometric pattern seen across the face of the spoon holder with 6 holes .

Traditionally, such wooden holders were hanged in centre of the kitchen for easy access of the spoons while cooking.

Used now as a wall hanging or just a art deco piece. 

Measures 72 cm in length and 11 cm wide.

Wooden spoons measure: 35 cm Length with a diameter of 9 cm . 

Weight 1.450 kilograms 

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