Pair Of Majestic Wooden Wall Brackets Of Vir - The Warrior & The Mythical Yali - Ht 46 cm x Width 20 cm

Pair of majestic wooden brackets of Vir, The Warrior  riding a horse into war and the mythical yali - Half horse Half lion atop a parrot standing 46 cm tall handcrafted in mango wood by skilled artisans from Tamil Nadu, South India. 

These exquisite brackets hand carved from a single block of wood can be used in a variety of different and creative ways making them a focal point of any entry way or as legs for a high table  by placing a board across the top.

Story about Vir - Warrior | Guardian | Protector:  Beyond the borders of every village is a world hostile to man and society filled with spirits and wild beasts. 

These creatures personify Nature's darker side that destroys crops, spreads disease and starts famine.  In order to keep these malignant forces out of their village or temple a hero is needed to come down from the heavens to patrol the village and keep all the forces of evil at bay.  This champion is a Vir who rides a great white stallion.  One can find intricate sculptures of Vir mostly outside temples and in villages in south India.

Each bracket measures: 

Height 46 cm x Width 20 cm x Depth 5 cm 

Weight of both brackets: 3.5 kilograms 

Note: The brackets are provided with a hook behind each one to hang them on the wall.


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