Vintage Handcrafted Octagonal Wooden Table With 8 Legs, Dia 47 cm x Ht 13 cm

Handmade by the most skilled artisans from Jodhpur in Rajasthan, this exquisite octagonal shaped table is a vintage and handcrafted in wood enhanced with brass sheet cladding all around the edges and a central brass inlay with floral engraving.

The table is supported by 8 beautifully crafted wooden legs and finally finished with a natural walnut colour polish.

Reminiscent of the days of the Mughal emperors, this is a conversation starter and ideal as a coffee table.

A collectors item indeed !

Measures: Diameter 47 cm x height 13 cm
Each of the 8 sides measure 20 cm each .

Weight : 2.850 Kilograms

Note: Though the table is in excellent condition and very stable, you may find some imperfections on the table top which are due to the vintage nature of the table and only adds to the uniqueness of this item.

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