Vintage Handcrafted Brass Vermilion | Kohl Holder - Length 22 cm

This exquisite and delicate Vintage brass vermillion or kohl holder stands at 22 cm in length with a round mirror, sindoor or vermilion holder cup and the intricately carved cover with Indian Motifs.

Handcrafted by artisans in Uttar Pradesh, India, such ornate and traditional containers / holders were used for keeping colourful herbal powders such as makeup, eyeliner, sindhoor  ( The red "vermilion" worn by married Indian women between the parting of their hair just above the forehead ).

The container is crafted in solid brass with  small birds on the handles with 2 hooks and finely detailed Indian motifs . The holder has 3 parts where each part when opened by sliding them, displays a small round mirror, the inbuilt cup for keeping the vermillion and the cover.

A great conversation starter, this exclusive piece is a collectors item.

Length: 22 cm.
Weight: 750 gms

Cleaning instructions: To maintain the antique finish of this item, please use a dry cloth. Do not use bleach or any cleaning liquids or powders.