Vintage Brass Hindu Temple Horse & Chariot with 8 Wheels

This is an Antique Brass Hindu Temple Toy Horse & Chariot handcrafted by Indian Artisans from Madhya Pradesh as per century old traditions and craftsmanship.

Known as a Ghodha ( horse ) and Rath ( chariot ) consisting of a horse pulling a four wheeled chariot, this masterpiece has been crafted with perfect details as the original horse and chariots of the 19th century complete with iron axles, 8 wheels including the design and carving on the chariot with the driver.

Children of royalty would play with toys like this in the Temple while their parents attended Puja - prayer and act out in play... like the famous Durga festival when horses would pull carriages around the Temple grounds with the deity of in the carriage for all to see.

Measures: Length 22 cm x height 18 cm x width 12 cm

Horse with 4 wheels measures 10.5 cm | Chariot with 4 wheels measures 11.5 cm

Care: Please clean with a soft dry cloth or a soft brush . Do not use any chemicals to retain the antique nature of this piece.