Vintage Indian Brass Pichkari or Water Gun - A Colourful Piece of History

This is an antique piece of history and a Collectors item.

This pichkari (water gun) is elaborately constructed with alternating bands of brass. The top part of the barrel and the nozzle is engraved with designs.  A small hole in the nozzle allows for the exit of spray. The looped handle pulls in and out to make the pump action.

Handcrafted in soild brass , water guns / pumps such as these were used during the famous Hindu Indian festival of Holi when revellers spray coloured water at one another and were made from solid brass during the days of the Mughal Raj.

Holi is a popular spring festival, also called the Festival of Colours that is celebrated around India and on the second day, known as Dhulandi,  people throw or spray coloured powder and water on each other. People also invite one and other to their houses for feasts and celebrations late into the evening.

Originally, the colours used in the pichkaris came from the flowers of trees that blossomed during spring, such as the Indian Coral Tree and the Flame of the 
Forest. Both have bright red flowers and were also believed to have medicinal properties. 

Size: Length Without opening the pumping rod : 40 cm x Diameter 6 cm 

Weight: 1.050 kilograms

Care: Please do not use any bleach, chemicals, to clean or polish. Simply use a soft dust cloth for wiping only if required.

Shipping: We ship through India International speed post with tracking which normally takes 10 to 12 days for delivery.