Brass Oil Lamp Sculpture of Deva Kanya from Indian mythology

Vintage sculpture of Dev Kanya on a pedestal holding an oil lamp handcrafted in pure brass with a bird sitting on her shoulder. 

The oil wick lamp, popularly known as a Diya, is lit and used mostly while performing prayers or religious Hindu ceremonies or rituals. 

Fire is one of the most important elements in Hinduism and it represents cosmic energy. Diyas are used for offering fire at the altar of Hindu Gods and are large enough to hold enough oil to keep the wick burning for several hours.

Made in brass metal, these diyas are durable and will last for decades.

size: 18 cm tall x 11 cm wide 

Weight: 1100 grams

Care: After every prayer or lighting of the lamp is over, please remove the burnt oil and wick remains, wash it with water, and it is ready for reuse. Do not use chemicals.