Brass Sculpture of Green Tara - Female Buddha & Goddess of Universal Compassion. Ht 26 cm x W 19 cm

This is a magnificent brass sculpture of Green Tara or Goddess Tara, the female Buddha and meditational diety handcrafted in an exquisite red patina and gold finish dressed in ornate robes with jewellery and is considered as the most popular goddess in the Buddhist Pantheon.

Considered to be the goddess of universal compassion who represents virtuous and enlightened activity, she is seen sitting in a posture of ease with he right leg extended, signifying her readiness to spring into action. The left leg is folded in the contemplative position on the lotus pedestal, the two together thus symbolising the integration of wisdom and action.

Her left hand, in the gesture of granting refuge holds the stem of a Lotus that floats over her left shoulder as a symbol of purity and power. With her right hand gracefully lowered in the Varada Mudra , the boon-granting gesture.

The worship of Tara is believed to help one in overcoming fears and anxieties and for her desire to save the people from suffering, said to be even stronger than a mother's love for her children.

Measures: Height 26 cm x Width 19 cm x Depth 10 cm 

Weight: 2.650 kilograms