Brass Shivling With Shiva Head Under The 7 Hooded Naag - Length 10 x Height 15 cm

This Brass Shivling is handcrafted with the face of Lord Shiva face under the 7 faced Naag and is considered as portions of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and hence  represents all the three powers in one - as the Param Braham or Supreme Shiva. 

Snakes (Naags)  have been a part of worship in Hinduism from the very beginning. The most famous myth of Lord Shiva's association with snakes is when he drinks the poison from Snake Vasuki's mouth during the churning of ocean to get the pure nectar called Amrit and from there on Lord Shiva becomes blue throated and is called Nilakantha.

As per hindu mythology, there is a indescribable power in the Shivaling that induces the concentration of mind like crystal glazing where the mind easily attains one-pointedness by looking at the Shivaling. This is the reason why ancient scholars and sages advocated the worship of Shivaling and its installations in temples.

Measures: Height 15 cm x Length 10 cm 

Weight: 950 Grams