Hand Crafted Colourful Wooden Candle Stand - Height 25 cm x Dia 11cm

This cheerful and multicolored candle holder in blue, green and red with Indian motifs is handcrafted from mango-wood. 

Inspired by the Henna art and design, this beautiful candle stand is hand painted by the artisans of Jodhpur, Rajasthan using only natural dyes and "colors which are piped through a fine hand held nozzle known as the "Cone painting art" to give it its texture similar to when henna is applied onto the body.

The traditional designs and motifs reflect the beauty and culture of Rajasthan which can be seen in the intricate designs and earthy yet vibrant colors.

The candle stand / holder is deliberately given a distress for that vintage-look.
Dimensions of stand is : Height 25 cm x Dia 11cm