Elegant Set of 6 Vintage Silver Polished Brass Tumblers | Glasses - Each Glass 11 cm Tall x Dia 8 cm

This is an exquisite set of 6 Vintage brass glasses or tumblers used in most traditional Indian homes during the festive season or a special occasion when the table is set with fine brass thaalis, katoris and silver or brass cutlery.

Used during the Mughal era when they were made of pure silver, these glasses crafted in brass with a striped self design and polished to give it the same silver finish making them the perfect accompaniment to a great table setup while entertaining your guests.

Use them for water, sherbets or Lassi - the traditional yoghurt drink topped with cream ( malai).  

Measures: Each glass is 11 cm tall and 8 cm diameter at the mouth. 

Weight of each glass : 300 grams x 6 glasses = 1.8 kilograms