22 cm Tall Brass Peacock Prayer Lamp or Arti With 5 Diyas

This is a beautiful handcrafted oil and wick brass prayer lamp or an arti lamp crafted with an engraved peacock and a snake or Naag on top which is considered to be most auspicious during all celebrations and ceremonies.

Certain elements of Hinduism and Indian mythology date back more than 4000 years where most gods are and still are worshipped as aspects of the creator god Brahma.

In the 'aarti' ceremony, an Aarti lamp with five diyas such as this one is circulated. The participants pass their hands over the lighted lamp and then over their forehead to make them feel closer to God.

Crafted from excellent quality brass in the shape of a tree with branches and a round semi circle handle at the back for ease of holding the lamp during rituals, it may be used to light up any area to bring in good luck and prosperity to all. 

Measures: Height 22 cm x width 16 cm x diameter at base 8.5 cm 

Use: Pour a little mustard oil into each hollow of the 5 diyas with cotton wicks dipped in the oil before lighting them. Change cotton wick when burnt out . Wipe clean after use.