Majestic Elephant Head & Trunk Door Handle Handcrafted In Brass - Length 29 cm x Width 12 cm

Majestic elephant door handle / pull crafted by artisans from North India with beautiful decorative engravings on the forehead with an exquisite finish of the ears, tusk, eyes and the regal trunk.

This gorgeous door handle is perfect to adorn any door of your house providing a regal look.  

Measures: Length from head to the bottom of the trunk is 29 cm | Width ear to ear is12 cm  

Weight: 1.150 kilograms 

To install: Use 3 screws - one on either side of the ears and one at the bottom of the trunk through the 3 holes provided. 

Care: Do not use any harsh chemicals for cleaning . Just use a dry soft cloth to keep its shine and beauty.