Majestic Twin Peacock Hand Engraved Oil Lamp | Diya - L29 cm x W 15 cm

This is a beautiful handcrafted oil lamp in solid brass with delicately engraved peacocks on either side with a cup to hold the oil and wick and is hand crafted by skilled artisans using century old skills of engraving on brass and idol making for temples and religious ceremonies - seeped in tradition.

The Peacock symbolises grace, pride, and beauty and are a sign of joy for all who see them. Peacocks are an integral part of Indian mythology and folk stories.

In Hindu culture, the lighting of brass lamps has a deep significance since brass is also considered an auspicious part of the Panchaloha, or the five-metals, an alloy which has sacred significance used for making Hindu temple idols and sculptures..

Use this peacock lamp in your home to create a divine and peaceful ambience. 


length : 29 cm with a width of 15 cm | The Diya has a dia of 10 cm

Weight : 800 grams