Rare Vintage Wooden Grain Seeder | Candle Holder With Engravings of Nandi Bull & Motifs - Height 11.5cm x Dia 16cm

From our Vintage Collection - Rare hand crafted Wooden Seeder used by Indian farmers for sowing seeds in the fields centuries ago .. More than 60 years old, this round shaped handmade seeder is crafted from a single block of wood and engraved with figures of the Holy cow and the Nandi bull that the farmers believed would ensure them a good crop that year.

Carved by tribal artisans from Rajasthan in wood with beautiful motifs and design seen all across this beautifully crafted seeder with a dark brown patina finish, it makes not only for a conversation piece but also as an exquisite wooden candle holder. 


Height 11.5 cm x Dia top and bottom16 cm

Weight: 1.6 kilograms

Note: Image showing the use of a seeder is courtesy of Google pics. Candle is not included.