Vintage Brass Vilakku Oil Lamp Handcrafted With Star Shaped Diya & 6 Grooves - Ht 26 cm x Base Dia 12 cm

This vintage 26 cm tall brass oil lamp or Kuthu Vilakku or Deepam as it is traditionally called with an exquisite star shaped diya with 6 oil and wick grooves atop a round base handcrafted by artisans from South India. 

Mounted on an elegant round base or pedestal with 3 legs in shape of a lions paw, the pillar of the lamp has been crafted with smooth straight lines.

These lamps are usually handed down from one generation to the next, signifying as per the Hindu tradition, the moving from darkness of life into light bringing joy and prosperity to all. 

Measures: Height of the lamp is 26 cm with a base diameter of 12 cm and the top diameter of the star shaped diya with 6 grooves measuring 8 cm. 

Weight: 750 Grams