Pure Cotton Double Bed Sheet With Lime Green Floral Block Print And 2 Pillow Covers. L 264 cm x W 224 cm

Made from 100% pure cotton, this beautiful Double bed sheet with 2 pillow covers is sure to enhance your bedroom with lovely block printed floral prints in cheerul lime green on white floral prints inter spread across the sheet and the pillow covers.

Using wooden blocks dipped in natural dyes, the tribal and local women of Rajasthan still practise the traditional art of hand block printing in the villages located on the outskirts of this famous northern state of India.


Double or King Size bed sheet: Length 264 cm x breadth 224 cm  

Size of 2 pillow covers: 70 cm x 54 cm 

Care: Dry clean or cold wash only. There may be slight bleeding from the natural colours used for hand block printing for a couple of washes. Please avoid use any harsh chemicals.