Brass Temple - Home To The Gods In A Dark Patina & Gold Finish With Ganesha Idol- H 30 cm

Vintage brass temple or Mandir as known in India is handcrafted by artisans from the South of India and finally finished in an exquisite dark patina and gold finish.

The design of this temple on 4 crafted pillars is inspired by the most exotic hindu temples built by skilled artisans in the country with beautiful engravings on the canopy top and 4 arches highlighting the Mughal architecture and style.

The base of the temple is engraved with motifs forming a mystical circle in the centre of the temple floor with a brass idol of Lord Ganesha - God of wisdom and knowledge considered most auspicious for new beginnings. 

Place this vintage in your prayer or pooja room at home or just as a religious home decor handicraft . ( The ganesh idol is movable and can be replaced with any other idol) . 

Measures: Height 30 cm x base of size 14 x 14 cm.

distance between the canopy and base of the temple: 16.5 cm

Weight: 2.050 kilograms 

Material: Vintage brass