The Mystical Yali Door Knocker With Lions Handcrafted In Brass - 12 cm x 10 cm

The Majestic Door Knocker depicting "Yali" - A mythical creature seen in many Hindu temples often sculpted onto the pillars of South Indian sculpture .. Hand casted from solid brass, this door knocker with lions on either side at the bottom displays the wonderful craftsmanship of the skilled artisans.

The Yali in the South of India particularly is portrayed as part lion, part elephant and part horse, and in similar shapes including some bird-like features and are believed to be more powerful than the lion, theTiger or the elephant.

This door knocker with fine engravings on the body is mounted on a square metal plate which has holes in the 4 corners for the screws for easy installation of the knocker.

Perfect for the main door of your house or apartment imparting an age old charm and bringing protection, prosperity and happiness to all within.

Mounted on a square metal plate 9 cm x 9 cm with 4 holes for the screws.

Size of knocker : Length 12 cm x width 10 cm 

Weight : 850 kilograms