Majestic Brass Sculpture Of Ganesha As Nagaraja. Ht 27 cm x W 14 cm x D 9 cm

A magnificent brass sculpture of Lord Ganesha - God of wisdom and prosperity known as the Nagaraja seated under the 7 hooded naag, handcrafted by skilled artisans from the South of India.

Lord Ganesha takes this avatar during the 7th of his 8 incarnations to kill a demon named Mamasura. Vignaraja sits over Adhi Shesha in the battle where he kills the demon king. The story symbolises destruction of ego in front of god.

Each symbol in the Ganesha's 4 hands is viewed as a reminder to manifest the powers held within us with the posture displaying fearlessness and symbolizing Ganeshas blessings and protection on a person's journey through life, especially the spiritual one.

One of the most beloved and worshiped deities in the Hindu patheon, Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati and worshipped as the God of wisdom, prosperity and considered most auspicious for new beginnings.

Measures: Height 27 cm x Width 14 cm x Depth 9 cm

Weight: 4.850 Kilograms