Heritage Bronze Buddha Sculpture In Vitarka Mudra Posture - Height 22 cm x Width 14 cm

From our Heritage collection - Hand crafted and beautifully engraved by skilled artisans residing at the borders of India and Nepal, this magnificent vintage sculpture of Lord Buddha in pure bronze is a Collectors item.

Gautama Buddha , the primary figure in Buddhism is recognised as an enlightened teacher who attained full Buddha hood, and shared his insights to help sentient beings end rebirth and suffering.

This rare Buddha sculpture is crafted with a posture and design that sits at the edge of any surface as shown in the picture. ( does not stand or sit on its own)  

Here, Buddha is seen in the Vitarka Mudra position with the right hand up till the shoulder facing outward and the index finger touching the thumb. The gesture evokes the energy of teaching considered as an expression of wisdom and intellectual, creating a constant flow of information or transmission of knowledge.

Measures: Height 22 cm x width 14 cm 
Material : Pure Bronze metal
Weight: 1.70 kilograms