Heritage Changalavottom - Traditional Kerala Oil Lamp With Brass Spoon- Length 26 cm x Width 6 cm x Height 9 cm

From our Heritage Collection - Known as the "Changalavottom" , this rare hand crafted brass oil lamp with a spoon hails from Kerala - Gods own country.

This unique lamp comprises of a key shape diya in the front, a well for oil in the middle where a spoon is attached to a chain with a snakes head for pouring oil into the bowl, and a handle, which is embellished with a figure of a "Hamsa".

The lamp incorporates the Hindu belief in Akhanda Jyot, which stands for burning the lamp without interruption where the lamp bowl is continuously refilled without letting the lamp extinguish even for a moment.

Handed down from one generation to the next, this traditional brass lamp is a crafted using the lost wax method of metal casting and is truly, a Collectors item.

Measures - Length 26  cm x Width 6 cm x Height 9 cm with a base dia of 6 cm.

The spoon measures 12 cm in Length.

Weight - 550 Grams

Care: To continue to preserve the antique nature , shine and for cleaning of this lamp,  use a little wax metal polish to coat the lamp first, let it dry and then rub with a soft dry cloth once every few months.