Kalamkari Print Leather Lampshade Of Lord Ganesh - Art of Tholu Bommalata

This beautiful leather lampshade with paintings of Lord Ganesh in vibrant colours is a work of brilliant leather artistry of the tribal women of Anantpur village in Andhra Pradesh.
Charming designs on shades made from goat skin display intricate patterns including mythological figures which are drawn first with pencils and finally painted with vivid colours which impart an elegant and gorgeous look.

The roots of this leather craft lie in the traditional “Chayya Natak” or shadow play.       This is a performing art where projection of shadows were created with puppets that played with light behind the "shadow puppets".

These figures, painted with vegetable dyes with stylization similer to kalamkari paintings were made of goat- skin, which after being cured and dried, were made translucent. The perforation on the coloured leather gives appearance of rich ornamentation against the background of light and bring the puppets to life.

Color: Vibrant red, blue , white , orange and more.
Size: Height 24 cm height | Diameter 48 cm at the base and 30 cm on top.
Material: Goats skin

Instructions: Use as a table lamp by inserting a bulb holder with a wire and plug with minimum illumination to get the effect when dark through the tiny holes made into the shade to bring the design to life.