Copper Wind Chimes From Kutch with 13 Copper Coated Bells

OHandcrafted by skilled artisans or the Lohar caste from the Banni grasslands of Kutch, Gujarat in India, the beautiful sound of these 13 hand made copper bells is like music to your ears. 

This 3 tier chime with 4 bells per section with 13 bells in total has been put together with the larger bells on top and the smallest one right at the bottom. Each bell is handcrafted to make this rustic yet exquisite wind chime. 

One such craft which originated with cattle rearing is the craft of metal bells, or “Ghantadi”, as known locally in Kutch, Gujarat (India). The craft is over a thousand years old, originated in Sindh, (currently in Pakistan) where the bells were used to identify cattle of different owners through their customised sound. 

Made of iron and coated primarily with copper and other metals, they are coated with powdered copper with the help of mud paste and then heated in a furnace. Once cooled and ready, a wooden piece is attached to the centre of the bell for that characteristic sound. Denting of the bell is done to get the perfect pitch by repeated beating with a hammer. 

In these modern times, this craft still prevails though more for decorative purposes such as wind chimes and for doorways and can be used outdoors.

Length of the wind chimes: 50 cm

Size of bells in each tier: 1st tier - 10 cm / 2nd tier - 8 cm / 3rd tier -6 cm / bottom bell - 4 cm 

Number of bells in the chimes: 13 numbers with 4 bells in each set and 1 small chime at the bottom. 

Care: Please use a dry soft cloth . Do not use any powders or chemicals.