Majestic Decorative Elephant From Jaipur, India

This beautiful stuffed elephant serves as a symbol of the Majestic Elephant dressed with hand embroidered clothes, woollen pom poms, ribbons, batik printed cloth in the most vibrant colours.

In the majestic city of jaipur, Rajasthan, the Elephant Festival is held every year on the eve of the festival of colours, Holi where elephants are given a bath and Pachyderms are cleaned, painted and groomed in all their finery by their drivers or Mahouts as they are known in India.

Elephants are specially decorated for the festival, with elephant jewellery, large sized anklets with bells for their feet, gold rugs for the backs and their bodies painted with traditional Indian motifs along with gold embroidered velvet parasols.

Weighing 300 grams and measuring 23 cm from trunk to leg and 15 cm from leg to leg and 19 cm in height, this handcrafted elephant represents royalty and Rajasthan in all its glory.