Majestic Standing Dhokra Style Brass Nandi - Vahan | Vehicle Of Lord Shiva. Length 30 cm x Height 31 cm

Majestic standing brass sculpture of the Nandi Bull - The gate guardian deity of Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva and as per Indian mythology, also the Vahan | vehicle for Shiva - The bearer of truth and righteousness.

Handcrafted with beautiful motifs, head gear and intricately engraved jewellery by artisans from the south of India depicting the traditional Dhokra style and design, the Nandi is considered one of the oldest forms of Hindu representation - dating before 3000 BC.

One can find the figure of the white humped bull in every Shaivite temple reclining on a raised platform and facing the entrance door of the shrine so that according to mythology, he may perpetually gaze on the lord in his symbolic form, the lingam.

Today, the bull is considered a symbol of Hinduism and the Nandi symbolises purity, as well as justice, faith, wisdom, virility and honour.


Length 30 cm x Height 31 cm x Width 15 cm

Weight : 4.45 kilograms