Vintage 6 Compartment Wooden Spice Box With Sliding Cover And Floral Engraving, L 28 x W 14 x H 9 cm

Charm your guests with this Vintage handcrafted wooden Spice or masala box with 6 compartments and a sliding lid with exquisite floral engraving.

Handcrafted from local wood, this exquisite box is a vintage and has been used for decades to store fresh whole and powdered spices in the kitchen.

The box has 6 compartments each measuring 6 cm x 5 cm and is crafted with a sliding lid.

A collectors item indeed!

The Wooden box measures : Length 28 cm x Width 14 cm x Height 9 cm
Each of the 6 compartments measure 5 cm x 6 cm.

Weight 1.75kilograms